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IGLOO Low Power Flash FPGAs

IGLOO Low Power Flash FPGAs

IGLOO Low Power Flash FPGAs

Based on a 130-nm flash process, the IGLOO family of flash FPGAs provides a single-chip solution, tiny footprint packages, reprogrammability, and a wealth of advanced capabilities. It also delivers the lowest power FPGA. 

It is possible to enter and exit an ultra-low power mode that uses as little as 5 W while keeping SRAM and registering data thanks to the Flash*Freeze technology utilized in IGLOO devices. With its quick return to operating mode and simplified I/O and clock management, Flash*Freeze technology streamlines power management. 

While the IGLOO device is fully operational in the system, the Low Power Active functionality (static idle) enables extremely low power consumption (from 12 W). As a result, the IGLOO device may manage the system's power consumption based on outside inputs (such as searching for keyboard stimuli).

IGLOO devices have the benefit of being a safe, low-power, single-chip solution with Instant On thanks to nonvolatile flash technology. IGLOO is reprogrammable and provides advantages in time to market at an ASIClevel unit price. These properties make it possible for designers to use current ASIC or FPGA design flows and tools to produce high-density systems.

IGLOO Low Power Flash FPGAs Devices

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