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LatticeECP/EC Family

LatticeECP/EC Family

LatticeECP/EC Family


The LatticeECP/EC family of FPGA devices is designed to provide common FPGA functionalities at a reasonable price. The LatticeECP (EConomy Plus) FPGA idea combines an effective FPGA fabric with high-speed dedicated functionalities for optimal performance and value. The LatticeECPDSP (EConomy Plus DSP) family is the first family to use this methodology and offers specialized high-performance DSP blocks on-chip. To achieve more affordable solutions, the LatticeEC (EConomy) family provides all the general-purpose characteristics of LatticeECP devices without specialized function blocks. All essential FPGA components are present in the LatticeECP/EC FPGA fabric, which was created with low cost in mind from the beginning. These components include LUT-based logic, distributed and embedded memory, PLLs, and support for common I/Os. Additionally included is dedicated DDR memory interface logic, which is becoming more and more common in applications with tight budgets. Large complicated designs can be effectively implemented using the LatticeECP/EC FPGA family thanks to the ispLEVER design tool package from Lattice. Popular logic synthesis tools include support for LatticeECP/EC synthesis libraries. The ispLEVER tool places and routes the design in the LatticeECP/EC device using the output from the synthesis tool and the limitations from its floor planning tools. For timing verification, the ispLEVER tool takes the timing from the routing and back-annotates it into the design. For the LatticeECP/EC family, Lattice offers a wide variety of pre-designed IP (Intellectual Property) ispLeverCORE modules. Designers can focus on the distinctive elements of their designs while still employing these IPs as standardized building blocks, which increases productivity.


 Extensive Density and Package Options

• 1.5K to 32.8K LUT4s

• 65 to 496 I/Os

• Density migration supported

 sysDSP Block (LatticeECP Versions)

• High performance multiply and accumulate

• 4 to 8 blocks

 4 to 8 36x36 multipliers or

– 16 to 32 18x18 multipliers or

 32 to 64 9x9 multipliers

 Embedded and Distributed Memory

• 18 Kbits to 498 Kbits sysMEM Embedded Block RAM (EBR)

• Up to 131 Kbits distributed RAM

• Flexible memory resources:

 Distributed and block memory

 Flexible I/O Buffer

• Programmable sysI/O buffer supports wide range of interfaces:

 LVCMOS 3.3/2.5/1.8/1.5/1.2


 SSTL 3/2 Class I, II, SSTL18 Class I

 HSTL 18 Class I, II, III, HSTL15 Class I, III



 Dedicated DDR Memory Support

• Implements interface up to DDR400 (200MHz)


• Up to four analog PLLs per device

• Clock multiply, divide and phase shifting

 System Level Support

• IEEE Standard 1149.1 Boundary Scan, plus ispTRACY internal logic analyzer capability

• SPI boot flash interface

• 1.2V power supply

 Low Cost FPGA

• Features optimized for mainstream applications

• Low cost TQFP and PQFP packaging

LatticeECP/EC Family Devices

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