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FPGA Spartan-3E Family 1.2M Gates 19512 Cells 572MHz 90nm Technology 1.2V 320-Pin FBGA
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XC3S1200E-4FGG320C Overview

XC3S1200E-4FGG320C from the Spartan®-3E family is created expressly to fulfill the demands of high volume, budget-conscious consumer electronic applications. The five-member family offers system gate densities between 100,000 and 1.6 million. By adding more logic to each I/O, the Spartan-3E family dramatically lowers the cost per logic cell and builds on the success of the original Spartan-3 family. New features increase system performance while lowering configuration costs. XC3S1200E-4FGG320C improvements give more functionality and bandwidth per dollar than was previously conceivable because to cutting-edge 90 nm process technology, creating new benchmarks for the programmable logic sector.

XC3S1200E-4FGG320C is particularly suited for a wide range of consumer electronics applications because of their extraordinarily low price, including broadband access, home networking, display/projection, and digital television equipment. The XC3S1200E-4FGG320C device is a better option than ASICs that are mask programmed. Conventional ASICs' high initial cost, protracted development times, and inherent rigidity are all avoided by FPGAs. Additionally, unlike with ASICs, FPGA programmability enables design modifications in the field without the need for new hardware.


XC3S1200E-4FGG320C Features

• A very affordable, high-performance logic solution for consumer-focused, high-volume applications

• Proven cutting-edge process technology at 90 nanometers

• SelectIOTM interface pins with many standards and voltages

• 156 differential signal pairs or 376 I/O pins.

• Single-ended signal standards for LVCMOS, LVTTL, HSTL, and SSTL

• Signaling at 3.3V, 2.5V, 1.8V, 1.5V, and 1.2V

• Data transmission rates per I/O of 622+ Mb/s

• True LVDS, RSDS, mini-LVDS, and differential I/O with HSTL/SSTL

• Support for enhanced Double Data Rate (DDR)

• Support for DDR SDRAM up to 333 Mb/s

• Densities up to 33,192 logic cells, with optional support for distributed RAM or shift registers

• Powerful wide multiplexers and broad logic

• Rapid carry logic with look-ahead

• 18 × 18 multipliers that have been improved and an optional pipeline

• JTAG programming/debug port IEEE 1149.1/1532

• Memory architecture with Hierarchical SelectRAMTM

• Fast block RAM of up to 648 Kbits

• Efficiencies of up to 231 Kbits of distributed RAM

• Eight or more Digital Clock Managers

• Delay locked loop for eliminating clock skew

• Synthesis, multiplication, and division of frequencies

• Phase shifting with high resolution

• Broad frequency range (between 5 and 300 MHz)


XC3S1200E-4FGG320C Applications

  • Flat Panel Displays

  • Set-Top Boxes

  • Wireless Access

  • Industrial Ethernet and Motion Control

  • Automotive

XC3S1200E-4FGG320C Specifications

Number of LABs/CLBs2168
Number of Logic Elements/Cells19512
Total RAM Bits516096
Number of I/O250
Number of Gates1200000
Voltage - Supply1.14V ~ 1.26V
Mounting TypeSurface Mount
Operating Temperature0℃ ~ 85℃ (TJ)
Package / Case320-BGA
Supplier Device Package320-FBGA (19x19)

Application Field

  • AI

    Artificial Intelligence

  • 5G Technology

    5G Technology

  • Cloud Computing

    Cloud Computing

  • Consumer Electronics

    Consumer Electronics

  • Wireless

    Wireless Technology

  • Industrial Control

    Industrial Control

  • Internet of Things

    Internet of Things

  • Medical Equipment

    Medical Equipment


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