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Spartan-3AN FPGA Family
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XC3S1400AN-5FGG676I Overview

The Spartan-3A FPGA and Spartan-3AN FPGA share the same architecture. Configurable Logic Blocks (CLBs), Input/Output Blocks (IOBs), Block RAM, Multiplier Blocks, and Digital Clock Manager (DCM) Blocks are the architecture's five basic programmable functional building blocks. All five functional units are connected to one another via a robust network of traces on the Spartan-3AN FPGA, which transmits signals between them. An accompanying switch matrix for each functional element allows for numerous connections to the routing.

In the XC3S1400AN-5FGG676I, nonvolatile technology is combined with the best features of a cutting-edge, cost-effective FPGA. All of the configuration and nonvolatile data storage capabilities of the Spartan-3A FPGA series are linked with contemporary in-system Flash memory. The Extended Spartan-3A series, which also comprises Spartan-3A FPGAs and Spartan-3A DSP FPGAs with a higher density, includes Spartan-3AN FPGAs. For applications requiring tiny size, such as blade servers, medical devices, automotive entertainment, telematics, GPS, and other small consumer goods, the XC3S1400AN-5FGG676I performs remarkably well. System reliability is increased while chip count, PCB traces, and overall size are reduced when FPGA and Flash technologies are merged. The internal configuration interface of the XC3S1400AN-5FGG676I is entirely self-contained, enhancing design security. The family continues to support the external arrangement wholeheartedly. MultiBoot, which supports two or more configuration files on a single device and enables alternate configurations for field upgrades, test modes, or other system configurations, is a feature that the first nonvolatile FPGA in the world to offer.


XC3S1400AN-5FGG676I Features

  • I/O Resources

  • Embedded Multiplier Blocks

  • Programmable Interconnect

  • ISE® Design Tools and IP Cores

  • Embedded Processing and Control Solutions

  • Pin Types and Package Overview

  • Package Drawings

  • Powering FPGAs

  • Power Management

  • I/O Timing

  • Configurable Logic Block (CLB) Timing

  • Multiplier Timing

  • Block RAM Timing

  • Digital Clock Manager (DCM) Timing

  • Suspend Mode Timing

  • Device DNA Timing

  • Configuration and JTAG Timing


XC3S1400AN-5FGG676I Applications

  • Automotive driver assistance

  • Driver information

  • Infotainment

  • Broadcast camera

  • Medical diagnostics and imaging

  • Industrial motor control, industrial networking, and machine vision

  • IP and Smart camera

  • Video and night vision equipment

XC3S1400AN-5FGG676I Specifications

Application Field

  • AI

    Artificial Intelligence

  • 5G Technology

    5G Technology

  • Cloud Computing

    Cloud Computing

  • Consumer Electronics

    Consumer Electronics

  • Wireless

    Wireless Technology

  • Industrial Control

    Industrial Control

  • Internet of Things

    Internet of Things

  • Medical Equipment

    Medical Equipment


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