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Spartan 6 FPGAs

Spartan 6 FPGAs

Spartan 6 FPGAs


An example of a high-capacity, low-cost FPGA is the Spartan 6 series. It uses low-power copper-clad 45nm technology, which can balance cost, performance, and power consumption. The Spartan 6 series employs dual-register, six-input LUTs and one Series of built-in system-level modules, including the 18Kb Block Ram, second-generation DSP48A21 Slice, SDRAM memory interface (DDR interface), robust hybrid clock management module, Select IO technology, and optimized high-speed serial transceiver GTP Transceiver, PCIe interface, advanced system-level power management mode, automatic configuration detection, and enhanced IP with AES and Dev. Spartan 6 excels at user-centric DSP design, low-cost logic design, and high-capacity logic design.


  • Low design cost

  • Low dynamic and static power consumption

  • 45nm technology has optimized power consumption;

  • Zero power consumption in sleep mode;

  • In the suspend mode, the internal state of the chip can be maintained, and there are multiple pins to realize the wake-up operation of the chip;

  • LX FPGAs, -1L uses a core voltage of 1.0V; LX and LXT FPGAs, -2, -3, and -3N uses a core voltage of 1.2V;

  • Select IO can adopt multi-level standards

  • Each pair of differential IO can reach a data transmission speed of up to 1080Mb/s;

  • The output current of each pin is up to 24mA;

  • 1.2--3.3V level standards and protocols for selection;

  • Low-power HSTL, SSTL memory interface technology;

  • Comply with hot-swap specification;

  • Adjustable IO interface chip slope to improve signal integrity;

  • High-speed serial transceiver (only available in LXT FPGA);

  • Supported high-speed interfaces include Serial ATA, Aurora, 1G Ethernet, PCI Express, OBSAI, CPRI, EPON, GPON, DisplayPort, and XAUI;

  • Endpoint block used in PCIe interface design (LXT FPGA only)

  • Support PCI interface, compatible with 33MHZ, 32bit/64bitPCI protocol

  • Efficient DSP48A1 module

  • Fast 18X18 multiplier or 48bit accumulator, with the ability to stream and cascade;

  • Integrated memory control interface module

  • Support DDR, DDR2, DDR3 and LPDDR;

  • The data rate is up to 800Mb/s;

  • The memory control interface has multiple ports, each port contains its own independent FIFO, which can realize high-speed reading and writing of the memory;

  • Sufficient logical resources

  • Optional shift register or distributed RAM;

  • Efficient 6-input LUT;

  • Block RAM

  • Each block RAM is 18Kb in size, and one block RAM can be used as two 9Kb block RAMs through programming;

  • Clock Management Tile (CMT) clock management module

  • 16 low-skew clock networks; internal DCM can eliminate clock skew and cycle distortion changes; internal PLL can achieve phase lock and achieve low clock jitter;

  • Simplified device configuration

  • There are two pins for automatic detection of configuration mode;

  • Support SPI Flash (up to 4) and Nor Flash configuration;

  • Xilinx Platform Flash programmed with JTAG;

  • Support multi-boot to facilitate remote upgrade;

  • The unique Device DNA logo is used for design certification;

  • AES bitstream encryption;

  • Support MicroBlaze soft processor system

  • Rich industrial IP and reference designs


  • Car infotainment

  • Flat panel display

  • Video Surveillance

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